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Primary Objective Limited

Inspirational IT Leadership

Building Teams, Delivering Results.

Focus on the primary objective, work to deliver results that support that objective, measure success. 

Andrew Scott

Andrew is an inspirational technical people manager and team builder. He has over 25 years of mission-critical infrastructure operation, deployment and design experience, together with nearly 20 years of IT management experience, including financial,  procurement, vendor, project and data centre management. Andrew has helped dozens of techies and many teams to build their effectiveness, deliver value to their business and get real enjoyment out of their work.

Fiona Brennan-Scott

Founder of Bespoken,  Fiona is an experienced voice and speech coach, and training facilitator. She has helped many, from entrepreneurs to ‘techies’ build their confidence and improve the clarity and impact of their communication, to realise their full potential.

Have a look at her LinkedIn recommendations for a good idea of how she helps clients build confidence and capability.


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