What we do

We want to support you delivering on YOUR Primary Objective.

What we do

We specialise in helping small to medium-sized companies, by developing their technical teams to deliver exceptional service. This exceptional service delivers real value to organisations and that helps make all they touch work better. 

Empowering teams and changing mindsets to so they can deliver on YOUR Primary Objective

How we do it 

Andrew's extensive IT management experience, inspirational people leadership and expert technical team-building skills, combined with Fiona's effective communication expertise, enable PRIMARY OBJECTIVE to nurture and develop communication, people and other non-technical skills in your tech people. Enabling your teams to more clearly see the big picture and more effectively align with your key business objectives. 

We have experience in a variety of global and UK-based organisations, such as Rackspace, RM Education and GKN, where we have successfully applied these methods and delivered positive results, helping technical teams and individuals deliver according to their full potential and in full support of business mission and objectives.

Building people skills in technical teams, delivering business-focused IT outcomes.

Examples of what Primary Objective can do for you:

  • One hour - Engaging the people around you to deliver great outcomes.
  • Four hours - How to measure and clearly report on work so that all stakeholders understand the situation and are equipped to make better decisions.
  • One day or two half-day sessions - Leading people and building trust to enable teams to deliver exceptional service. 
  • Two days or four half-day workshops - Create a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to support business requirements.
  • Three to five days or 24-40 hours over 3-6 weeks - Create an IT roadmap to fully support your business goals and objectives.

All of our coaching, mentoring and training can also be delivered in 60, 90 or 120 minutes sessions, either face to face or remotely.

Why would you engage us?

The benefits to your business will include:

  • Increased motivation levels as your people feel empowered to contribute. 
  • Tech people will feel more valued and this will improve staff retention.
  • Improved communication and will result in improved team effectiveness.
  • Increased team engagement will result in real added value to your business. 


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